The feelings I had/have will never change no matter how hard I “try” there are things I can’t change and that would be a deep feeling a feeling that can’t be broken a feeling that can’t be manipulated to feel another way it is the way it is those deep down inside feeling that are the hardest that are the strongest those are the feelings that keep me up at night not knowing what to do not understanding that is what keeps up at all times of the day thay make me wondered what if that make me think that it is possible that make me want to stay and find out more And to see what I can do. And I hope that the feeling is the same that it’s not a crazy thought that goes through my head that maybe by chance that there is a What if that there is a chance at the feeling that my heart beats on thay maybe I’m not as crazy as I thought myself to be I have a dream that one day the feeling will be the same and you might see the same point I see that just maybe you can see my heart as broken as it is as a thing of beauty as a thing that can be fixed that just maybe it is possible to feel the way I feel

You have choices to make only make him when they make you happy don’t make others happy because in the end of the day the only thing that really matters when you’re happy now what other people think other people do its all about you not other people who surround your life don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something because if you have the power and the will nothing can hold you back from what truly makes you happy no one so go out there find what makes you happy and go get it don’t listen to anyone else or anything that they have to say because you are the only one that can tell you you can’t do something because that is how life is done we listen to other people and they tell us we can we told them that we shouldn’t but in all reality we can because we have the power and we have the will don’t let someone hold you back on something that makes you happy not even that person of that thing that makes you happy because even they can hold you back in my life life is all about what makes you happy what makes You happy always do what your heart tells you to do not what other people tell you to do


I love the sound of the piano, it is so calming, I wish I knew how to play the piano, but I’m a scum. 


Everything you love is here


Everything you love is here

I wish you could know

If only you knew what I want to say to you. If you could see into my eyes and read my mind you’d see what I have to say if only I had the strength to tell you and not bottle it up inside if you could feel my heart as it races if you could feel the breath I breathe can you feel the way I feel can you see the way I see I wish you could I wish oh do I wish you could then you would know

sexy as all fuck. awesome, i love to have fun. and i cant wait to get to know new people. life is always goin to be hard the only thing we can do is live and have as much fun as we can

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